Valentina Georgieva

Registered Homeopath

BSc Homeopathy
BSc Speech Therapist
BSc Resource Teacher

I began my journey in the field of alternative medicine back in 2011, after my son became seriously ill and traditional medicine failed to even diagnose the condition. It almost cost my child’s life. My inspiration to discover the science of homeopathy came from the results I saw with my own eyes. My sick child managed to save himself, today he is alive and well thanks to this natural treatment. A miracle that traditional medicine failed to create.

Valentina Georgieva

And so I took the path of training

For four years I was introduced to the theory and practice of this science at the Center for Homeopathic Education at Middlesex University in London (which I graduated in 2015). I have been a member of the Homeopathic Society for two years.

Working with people (especially children) is not foreign to me. In 2006, while still living in Bulgaria, I graduated with a degree in language and speech pathology. I have worked closely with children with autism and those with special needs. This experience gave me knowledge and skills on how to work with children so that they believe in their strengths and not focus on their weaknesses.

Of particular interest to me are conditions such as eczema, asthma, childhood diseases, chronic diseases, ADHD, fertility problems and more. Trust me and allow the most tender medicine to heal you and your loved ones!

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+44 7538 416525

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