Boryana Petrova-Desheva

With background in theology and homeopathy, in 2012 I started my journey in the holistic field.
Having acquired several certificates in different modalities – starting from 3-years course in Bulgarian Homeopathic Society I participated in different holistic summits online and international homeopathic communities. I refined my skills through Shilpa Bhouraskar’s network Quest for Simmilium with different courses like Journey Through The Dark Passages, Gems from Indian Homoeopathy, Mastering the Boger Boenninghausen’s Repertory, Success in Complex Cases. I have specialized in repertorial work in Veterinary Homeopathy as well and have a good working practice with Veterinary Clinic in Sofia.

I present to my clients protocols and variety of approaches with option for consultation with therapists abroad.

Following my passion in homeopathy, I became translator for Bulgarian Homeopathy Society. Here I had my personal experience with masters like Jeremy Sherr, Farokh Master, Eddie Thielens and deepen my knowledge in homeopathic art.

I have established homeopathic practice in two more cities – Pazardjik and Plovdiv. I consult and advice parents, showing them proven alternative methods and modalities, such as homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, Shussler salts and other holistic approaches.

In October 2011 I started two educational blogs. Gorsko educates people in Theravada Tradition and religious practices with translations and writings, with exclusive interest in meditation and mindfulness. gives knowledge and light in different holistic modalities with special affinity in homeopathy.

Due to pandemic situation I consult only online, through Viber, Messenger or Skype.



My name is Simona and I am originally from Bulgaria but currently living in the UK. I have graduated University of Economic Varna, Bulgaria and have a bachelor degree in Management.

A couple of months ago, I threw everything away and came in the UK searching for new chances and chasing my dreams.
During the pandemic situation, it was very hard to start over and find a job, especially in a new country.

I met Valentina and she gave me a chance, made me a part of her ambitious and hungry for success team. This is how i became a member of Fairway Garden Clinic.
Valentina introduced me to the world of homeopathy, the seminars she often organizes and showed me how she helps people every day. Everything was new and extremely unknown to me, and although I have never thought I would work in the field of homeopathy, I now find it extremely interesting and inspiring.

I hope we could become bigger and bigger and to maintain our activity as a center for people in need of holistic help and treatments. Our goal is to make our brand and clinic a synonym of of success, health and holistic lifestyle.

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