Torsten Lange taught us that Reiki can help us on any level of our existence. Starting with the physical level, Reiki can help significantly with reducing pain and illnesses. The NHS welcome Reiki practitioners to attend and give Reiki to their cancer patients as reports show that they feel much better after each treatment, not only on a physical but emotional level too.

Reiki helps us to go within, find the reasons why we are feeling the way we are and discover how this situation can be resolved in the best for us.

Reiki helps us to stay in harmony and balance and recall our energy. As human beings, we are more doing than being. This can lead to difficult situations, stress, anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks amongst other things. If we start observing ourselves and use the power of Reiki and homeopathy, we can change our lives.

Reiki gives us strength and balance, looking within rather the looking out to heal our body, mind and spirit and help us to raise our intuition and open our senses.